Product Information

Type VC Vertical Vacuum Concentrators

VC Series

  • Concentrating
  • Boiling
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Steam

Introducing a line of vacuum concentrators for manufacturing products that retain all the flavor of the ingredients.

These models minimize heating times at high temperatures (80°C to 100°C) compared to conventional open heating to prevent degradation of quality.
A series of steps from heating to cooling is performed after ingredients are loaded, helping to maintain a sanitary manufacturing environment.

Product description

•Since concentration is performed at low temperatures, quality degradation such as discoloration and burning are prevented. In this way, the color, flavor, fragrance, and texture of the ingredients can be retained. •Destruction of ingredients that are susceptible to heat, for example vitamins, nutrients, and yeast, can be prevented. •Contamination with bubbles and oxidation of products is prevented as ingredients are heated and mixed. •Flavors more thoroughly permeate the entire mixture. •Ingredients can be easily added, cooled, and removed.

Type VC Vertical Vacuum Concentrator specifications


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

We can also manufacture machines with a mixer, circulating functionality, and other optional specifications.

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