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Message from the President

Feeling gratitude for our predecessors’ hard work and inheriting their diligence... that’s our role. Akinori Ogasawara

My experience of working at a bank gave me a keen understanding of how difficult it is to keep a company operating over time. With more than a century having already passed since its founding in 1910, our company has had a surprisingly long life.

What has made this long life possible? Nothing if not the hard work of our predecessors. Through a continual sequence of trial and error and a refusal to compromise, they delivered products that offered customers heartfelt satisfaction. That diligence facilitated our long history.

Our customers’ high expectations were also essential to our growth. They found uses for products in applications that we never would have imagined and in doing so fostered the creation of new technologies. Our corporate philosophy—“Use available resources to better oneself” and “Take responsibility on behalf of customers”—isn’t just a pair of pretty phrases, but rather a set of beliefs that are deeply rooted in each and every employee. Going forward, Shinagawa Machinery Works will continue to embrace that philosophy as it moves forward one step at a time with customers.

Corporate Philosophy

Use available resources to better oneself.

Take responsibility on behalf of customers.

Guiding Principle

Strive to earn the trust and support of customers with a spirit of gratitude, research, and progress.

  • Gratitude: The spirit of “thank you”
  • Research: The spirit of research.
  • Progress: Progress as symbolized by these three spheres

Quality Policy

Work to contribute to society and better oneself by satisfying customers through our philosophy of gratitude, research, and progress.

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