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Message from the President

We’re moving forward into our next 100 years in a spirit of honesty and sincerity. Akira Shono

For more than 100 years since our founding in 1910, Shinagawa Machinery Works has helped bring happiness to people through food.

When I became president, I was struck by our employees’ feeling of gratitude toward customers and their embrace of technology with an inquisitive spirit. The foundation for these things lies in our corporate philosophy of using available resources to better oneself and taking responsibility on behalf of customers.

When I have experienced concern about difficult orders from customers, our philosophy’s emphasis on taking responsibility on behalf of customers has helped set my direction. When customers express their joy at having done business with Shinagawa Machinery Works, those words bring me joy.

Today, we are well regarded not only for our flagship food processing equipment, but also for granulating machines that are used in fields such as pharmaceuticals. I look forward to moving forward together with employees in a spirit of simple honesty while ensuring that we never lose our sense of gratitude toward the customers who have made the growth of Shinagawa Machinery Works possible.

Corporate Philosophy

Use available resources to better oneself.

Take responsibility on behalf of customers.

Guiding Principle

Strive to earn the trust and support of customers with a spirit of gratitude, research, and progress.

  • Gratitude: The spirit of “thank you”
  • Research: The spirit of research.
  • Progress: Progress as symbolized by these three spheres

Quality Policy

Work to contribute to society and better oneself by satisfying customers through our philosophy of gratitude, research, and progress.

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