Product Information

Type TMG High-speed Kneading Granulators

TMG(V) Series

  • Mixing
  • Granulating
  • Electricity
  • Air

These machines are revolutionizing new drug discovery with exceptional ability to control granule properties based on product shape.

These machines reduce manufacturing costs by about 30% compared to conventional methods by providing a single-machine solution for the four processes of mixing, kneading, granulating, and spheroidization. They support a variety of types of granules, from spherical granules for coatings to soft granulates for tablets, based on user-selected operating conditions.

Product description

•These machines were developed jointly by Shinagawa Machinery Works and Osaka Prefecture University.
•They can granulate preparations that are difficult to manufacture using conventional methods (agitation granulation and fluidized bed granulation) quickly and efficiently.
•Triple Master provides a single-machine solution for the conventional granulation processes of mixing, kneading, granulating, and spheroidization.
•They can achieve high recovery rates, even for poorly water-soluble drugs that are highly adhesive. In addition, they can produce granules that are more highly spherical than those manufactured using conventional methods.
•A variety of granule designs can be achieved by adjusting rotation speed and mixing times.






トリプルマスター 仕様


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

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