Product Information

Type 2 Sankyu Boilers


  • JIA
  • Steaming
  • Gas
  • Water

These simple boilers with safety features are designed to fulfill two roles thanks to a steam outlet whose orientation can be switched.

Use as a conventional basket steamer with the steam outlet in the upward-pointing orientation or as a steam kneader with the steam outlet in the horizontal orientation.

The ability to use the product in two configurations lets you prepare steamed foods more efficiently.

Sankyu Boiler certification and safety features


This mark indicates that the product has been certified by the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (LP/12A/13A only).

Empty shutoff: Shuts off the flow of gas immediately if the boiler becomes hot because it is operating empty.
(Sankyu Boiler Type 1/2)

Flameout shutoff: Shuts off the flow of gas immediately if a sensor indicates that the burner fails to reach a certain temperature.
(Sankyu Boiler Type 1/2)

Product description

The principle feature of Shinagawa’s Sankyu Boilers is their excellent thermal efficiency. Whereas other manufacturers’ boilers have exhaust temperatures of around 300°C to 500°C, our Sankyu Boilers enjoy a clear advantage thanks to an exhaust temperature of about 200°C. In short, Sankyu Boilers efficiently transfer heat to the water in the tank.
High thermal efficiency means these boilers start up quickly and that they can do the same job as other manufacturers’ boilers even though they use smaller burners, helping to save on gas and reduce running costs.

Sankyu Boiler Type 2 specifications


Includes flameout shutoff and empty shutoff.
Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

Type 2/2S Sankyu Boiler: Steams food with enough steam flow for Chinese food, glutinous rice, sekihan rice, and other dishes.
Type 1 Sankyu Boiler: Standard boiler designed for use by confection shops.

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