Product Information

Tsubuzoroi Rice Cake Cutters


  • Cutting
  • Electricity

Carefully cut freshly made rice cake dough.

A large screw minimizes damage to rice cake dough. With a screw speed adjustment knob that lets you choose the work speed and an easy-to-use wheeled stand, this is your one-stop solution for conveniently cutting dough into rice cakes.

Product description

• Since all surfaces that come into contact with dough (hopper, screw, resistance ring, ferrule, and cutter blade) are Teflon-coated, the cutter delivers safe, sanitary operation that inspires peace of mind.
• The cutter blade is also Teflon-coated to ensure consistent cutting performance without the need to dust it with flour. The elimination of such flour helps prevent mold growth and improve product quality.
• The machine can cut dough into a variety of weights based on the ferrule diameter and sensor position.
(The machine comes standard with three ferrules.)
⌀20: 15 to 40 g (rough cut weight) [The machine ships with this ferrule installed.]
⌀25: 30 to 65 g (rough cut weight)
⌀30: 50 to 90 g (rough cut weight)
(The above weights are provided as rough guidelines. Actual weight varies with the dough being cut.)

Simple design for easy breakdown and cleaning

•The machine features a simple design with one-touch disassembly so that it can be broken down without any tools. (See picture.)

•Since all surfaces that come into contact with the dough are Teflon-coated, you only need to wipe down disassembled parts and the inside of the hopper with a moist towel after use.


*Figures in brackets indicate dimensions of main unit with turntable installed in its set position.
Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

Ferrule x 2 (⌀20 mm [installed on main unit], ⌀24 mm)
Single-ring one-sided No. 17 wrench x 1 for adjusting the gap between the cutter and ferrule

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