Product Information

Spherical Inclined Kneaders

QSN series

  • Mixing
  • Boiling
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Steam

These mixers offer an exceptionally space-saving design along with fast mixing, kneading, and dispersion capability.

With top-mounted motors, these models feature a design that can fit into limited space. The synergetic effects of the natural movement of ingredients that inside the hemispherical container and the movement of the inclined mixer let you prepare paste products of uniform consistency without burning.

Product description

These model use a hemispherical container with an inclined shaft for exceptional mixing performance. They also have a drain in the bottom of the container and a temperature sensor for automatic control, resulting in dramatically improved ease of use.

•A top-mounted mixing implement means there’s no space for wasteful product build-up. Consequently, you can prepare products safely and with peace of mind while enjoying easy clean-up.
•Since inclined mixing provides mixing capability that’s superior to that of spherical and horizontal kneaders, these models can uniformly mix and knead ingredients that resist mixing.
•Since the spherical container has the same kind of drain as our spherical kneaders, these models deliver high work efficiency.

Vacuum preparation specifications (Type QSNV)
•Vacuum conditions inside the container allow permeation and dehydration to be performed at low temperature (from around 60°C) during heated mixing.
•Ingredients can be cooked at low temperatures, avoiding loss of the color, flavor, and aroma of ingredients and seasonings.
•These models are ideal for use in producing foods boiled in soy sauce, sauces, soups, bean jam dishes, and jams.



Type QSN specifications


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

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