Product Information

Type FCM Vacuum Coolers

FCM Series

  • Cooling
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Steam

Introducing a vacuum cooler that keeps initial costs and running costs low.

These models use a cooling temperature of 10°C (giving them the same capacity as Type FCG models). They can process three batches per hour, making them ideal for applications with comparatively low processing volume.

Product description


•The combination of a steam ejector, heat exchanger, water seal pump, and cooling tower provides clean, powerful cooling solution. •Use of a cooling tower delivers significant savings in the form of running costs that are lower than those associated with chiller-type systems. •Thanks to the significantly higher cleanliness of the vacuum pump, almost no maintenance is required. •The system comes standard with redundant control using a product temperature sensor and timer to safeguard product quality. •Use of a sliding door makes it easy to clean inside the cooling chamber as well as the inside of the door so that a clean cooling environment can be maintained.

Type FCM Vacuum Cooler specifications

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