Product Information

Type FCD-B Vacuum Coolers

FCD-B Series

  • Cooling
  • Electricity

Heat exchanger + dry pump + brine cooler

Thanks to its use of a dry vacuum pump, these coolers have zero water consumption. They also use a brine cooler and high-efficiency heat exchanger to keep water consumption at zero. Designed to cool products to 10°C using only electricity, they feature an extremely simple design.

Product description - Type FCD-B

•By combining a mechanical pump with a heat exchanger, these coolers solve all the issues of conventional vacuum equipment, including excessive water and steam use and water tank contamination.
•A brine solution (antifreeze) is used as the cooling water, which is circulated through the heat exchanger at the super-low temperature of -10°C. Steam from products is subject to heat exchange at a super-low temperature to make possible low-temperature cooling without using a steam ejector.

Type FCD-B Vacuum Cooler specifications


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

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