Product Information

Type ERS Egg Roll Roasters

Kinshi egg and egg roll roasters

  • Roasting
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Air

With automated filling, roasting, shaping, and removal, these egg roasters are also available in sizes suited to storefront demonstrations.

These egg roasters use rollers to roll eggs while roasting them on a long, flat plate. They can wrap hotdogs, cheese, spinach, and other ingredients in the center, enabling them to create a variety of products.


•Automated filling, roasting, shaping, and removal let you save on labor.
•A special roller gives products even more “handmade” flavor.
•The Type ERS main unit, mixer, and heater come standard with casters to make them easy to move.
•Use of a heater facilitates consistent egg mixture temperature and less product wastage.

ERS型 仕様


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

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