Product Information

Type EP Automatic Egg Roasters

Sushi egg omelets, egg omelets, and stock-flavored egg omelets

  • Roasting
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Air

Introducing our most popular simple overlapping egg roaster.

Rough processing capacity: 80 to 300 omelets per hour
Filling, greasing, mixing, roasting, and flipping processes are all automated with these egg roasters, every aspect of which is designed to save labor. These Shinagawa products have a long and distinguished history.

Product description

•Models are designed for use in applications ranging from small-batch to high-volume automatic production.
•Adjustment of heat and egg case speed makes it possible to roast eggs perfectly without burning, even when adding numerous seasonings.
•Individual layers of omelet are prepared by automatically flipping over the egg cases. Each contains just the right amount of oil, ensuring that the machine produces delicious egg omelets.
•Consistent filling and supply of egg mixture ensure uniform shape and weight.
•These models are used widely in industries with products including lunch boxes sold at train stations, food for cafeterias, catering, and egg omelets for use in sushi.

Type EP specifications


Please note that specifications are subject to change for reasons such as product improvement.

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