Product Information

Small Retail Egg Roaster

Sushi egg omelets, egg omelets, stock-flavored egg omelets, and Western-style omelets

  • Roasting
  • Gas

Introducing an egg roaster recommended for use in manual applications such as retail sales, catering, and lunch box preparation.

This machine is a breeze to get up and running—just set it up and connect a gas line. Its ease of use is a major source of its appeal. A single unit is sufficient, even during times of peak business. We can manufacture a model that meets your requirements in terms of size and shape, for example to accommodate egg omelets for use in sushi, stock-flavored egg omelets, and Western-style omelets.

Product description

•This compact, mechanized egg and omelet roaster can be installed with a minimum amount of space.
•Since the liquid tank and cases can be broken down easily, the machine is easy to clean.
•Operation is simple, so workers need not have extensive experience.

Small Retail Egg Roaster specifications

Please contact Shinagawa for capacity and specifications.

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